Volume II  Page 35  §  God-Realisation
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba


TO arrive at true self-knowledge is to arrive at God-realisation. God-realisation is a unique state of consciousness. It is different from all the other states of consciousness because all the other states of consciousness are experienced through the medium of the individual mind; whereas the state of God-consciousness is in no way dependent upon the individual mind or any other medium. To realise the Self is to realise God A medium is necessary for knowing something other than one’s own self. For knowing one’s own self no medium is necessary. In fact, the association of consciousness with the mind is definitely a hindrance rather than a help for the attainment of realisation. The individual mind is the seat of the ego or the consciousness of being isolated. It creates the limited individuality, which at once feeds on and is fed by the illusion of duality, time and change. So, in order to know the Self as it is, consciousness has to be completely freed from the limitation of the individual mind. In other words, the individual mind has to disappear but consciousness has to be retained.
        Throughout the past life-history of the soul, its consciousness has grown with the individual mind and all the workings of consciousness have proceeded against the background of the individual mind. Consciousness