Volume I  Page 128  §  Selfless Service

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

Selfless Service

THE Karmayogin avoids the chaotic activity of selfish desires as Karmayogin avoids chaotic activity as well as inactionwell as the apparent inaction of utter non-wanting, but he leads a life of selfless service in which there is not the slightest alloy of any personal motive and which furthers the release of divinity in all phases of life.
        It is very important that service, even when it is utterly selfless, be guided by spiritual understanding, for selfless service, when unintelligently handled, often creates chaos and complications. Unintelligent service creates chaos and complications Many good persons are ceaselessly active for public cause through social institutions. But what does that activity lead to? For one problem which it solves, it often creates ten other problems owing to the unforeseen and uncontrollable side-results of such activity. Worldly men try to counteract evil through opposition, but in doing so they often unconsciously become authors of other evils. Suppose a group of ants has climbed onto the body of an individual and one of them bites him. He might instinctively want to punish it by killing it, but if he were to strike it with his hands he might, in so doing, kill many other ants which were in no way involved in the biting. In trying to secure